mountain top inn wedding photo of tent at night

Throwback Thursday: Night Scene at a Mountain Top Inn Wedding

Feb 20, 2014 | Throwback Thursday, Weddings

mountain top inn wedding photo of tent at night

I’ve been dreaming of the summer over the last few weeks – haven’t we all?  Specifically though, I’ve been dreaming about those summer weddings in the hidden wilderness of New England, far away from Boston and the coast, tucked up in the mountains, beside lakes, those places where all your cares disappear and you can really breathe.  I have a few rustic/far away weddings this summer and I cannot wait for them.  There’s something magical about setting off in my car on an early Friday afternoon and driving for a few hours on my own, singing along to Spotify, munching on snacks, ready to discover a new bit of the country.

I typically arrive late afternoon in time to catch the rehearsal and scope out some portrait spots before night falls.  Sometimes I’ll photograph the rehearsal dinner that evening, although often times I’ll sit in my cabin or room, read a little, and get an early night.  Sometimes my husband comes with me and we’ll talk through the plan for the next day’s shooting, then grab dinner somewhere local and low-key.  I always sleep better far away from the bright lights and noise of the big city …

Kaitlin and Aldo’s Mountain Top Inn wedding was back in June 2010.  I fell in love with the inn and the surrounding mountains and lakes, and despite terrible weather on the wedding day I had one of the best weekends shooting I’ve ever had.  The photo above is my last photo of the night.  It had rained all day long, and you can make out the clouds still hanging in the dark blue sky.  The tungsten lights in the tent contrast so beautifully with the deep blue, and they echo the warmth and joy of the party inside despite the cold and damp outside.  The lone figure looking out onto the landscape from inside the tent is what really makes this image for me.  And nearly four years later and it’s still a featured image in my main wedding portfolio.

You can find some more of my favorite Mountain Top Inn wedding photos here – and I very much hope to return to this idyllic spot again soon.


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