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Kate McElwee Photography

Energy. Authenticity. This is what I strive to capture when I document a wedding. I listen as much as I watch; is there tension, will there be hugs, or fist pumps, or tears?

There are multiple stories waiting to be found; your love story of course, but also all those moments that show me who you are, why you have these amazing friends surrounding you, and what you value most in your parents, and they in you. It’s these moments that elevate a photo album from “who-what-when” to an emotionally rich narrative of a very special moment in your lives.

If you find yourself drawn to my images, it’s probably because the people in them have captured my heart a little, and they have placed their trust in me.

They have found a space to be their authentic selves, and allowed me to capture a little part of their souls.

They aren’t smiling for the camera; they’re experiencing their wedding day as I hope you will enjoy yours: with reckless abandon, ready to embrace everything and everyone that becomes a part of the day.

More than anything, I want to produce a photographic story of who you are, not just what you did.

Molly and Nick’s Nantucket wedding was incredibly elegant, but also featured a getaway Jeep, because this is a big part of island life for them.
Heather and Chris are two of the most high energy people I’ve photographed – and this was one of the highest points of the day for Heather, right after the ceremony.
Jessie and her dad were never going to have a “regular” father-daughter dance. Everyone loved this moment in this huge gorgeous tent, with dad in cutoffs and his favorite hippy shirt. 🙂

“Dear Kate, We are not certain how to begin to thank you for your incredible photography. We may have verbalized this before, but it is certainly worth repeating – you are wickedly talented. You were able to capture emotions, energy, and most importantly, love in every picture. It’s the work of an artist. In addition to your obvious talent, the passion and dedication you bring to your work is apparent. There is a quiet calmness in your approach that put us and our friends and family at ease. You are truly a remarkable professional and individual. Thank you for capturing and highlighting each moment of our wedding. You definitely made our special day a memorable one.”



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“Dear Kate, These photos are EXTRAORDINARY!!! We are so thrilled with the output. The way you capture the emotion and mood is indescribable. And the style, composition, and technical aspects are all incredible as well. We have been looking at pictures over and over again and every time we feel like we are right back in the moment. The people we have shared photos with so far say that they so accurately capture our exuberance for life and the magic we all created that weekend.

Thank you for being such a crucial part of helping make our wedding weekend more than we could have ever hoped, and for enabling us be able to relive it for years to come! Your upbeat spirit, warm personality, calming presence, and adventurous photo poses (even the field games people were amazed at your go-get-it-ness!) made the weekend enjoyable and fun. You were such a huge part of it for us, even fading into the background to not be noticed at all in key moments.”