Porter, at 135mm

Aug 19, 2010 | Pets

Over the last few months, I’ve been giving serious thought to scaling back my camera bag and shooting with just my absolute favorite lenses.  I became a fan of prime lenses (fixed focal lengths) a while ago, and wondered if a purely prime kit could work for me at weddings.  Well, I get to find out soon; I’m second shooting for another photographer with just a couple of my favorite prime lenses.  I’m very excited about this!

I’ve been thinking what my ideal kit would contain.  Something very wide; something very long; a couple of lenses on either side of the normal range to cover everything else (normal on my D3S is a 50mm).  And a macro.  the lineup is looking like this: 24 1.4 / 35 1.4 / 85 1.4 / 105 2.8 macro / 135 2.0.  I own all but the 135mm at this point – so a couple of days ago I rented it.  The 70-200mm is a huge lens to give up, and I need to make 300% sure that I’m ready before committing to the 135.  My rental arrived this afternoon … I think I’m in love …

Porter hates the camera, but will at least sit when bribed with Milk Bones.  🙂


  1. Tooo toooo tooo precious!!! He’s such a pretty doggie!

    I love love love my 70-200 but could possibly be pried away with it by the 200 2.0

  2. Corey, that thing is like $5k! And even BIGGER than the 70-200! If I were made purely of muscle and money, I’d possibly be with ya. ;D

  3. Beautiful images through a true beauty of a lens (naturally the photographer had something to do with it too! :~) Thus far in 2010 I’ve been shooting weddings with a 35/1.4 attached to one body and an 85/1.2 attached to another. I thought I might as well superglue them on. Seeing these images encourages me to give the 135 an airing again.

  4. You will never go back!! I shot a wedding last December with the 135 I rented, and have never touched my 70-200 again. I have shot all my weddings this summer with the 24, 50,135 combo and love it! 🙂

  5. I love my primes. But my I do have a telephoto but man oh man. I’m drooling over here.


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