Tokyo Part One: Skyscrapers and Temples

Aug 24, 2010 | Personal

I went to Tokyo in March with my husband.  It was a totally last minute trip, and it was amazing.  Josh was working much of the time, so I spent a lot of time exploring with my camera.  It was a little isolating … the culture is so different, and deciding to go just two weeks before we had to leave didn’t give me enough time to learn any Japanese.  I took well over a thousand photos over the ten days we were in Japan … I’ve knocked them down to 250 or so keepers … and many of them will be posted here, at some point.  I figure, pictures are meant to be seen, right?  Even if it is just a random assortment of my impressions of the strangest and coolest city I’ve ever visited.

I was utterly fascinated by the ultra modern right bang next to the old and traditional.  Both beautiful, but in such stark contrast.

Tokyo’s huge fish market, Tsukiji Market, deserves an early start (6am is not early enough) and a week’s worth of exploration.  A couple of hours whet my appetite … as did the multiple breakfasts (Josh ate three separate breakfast meals that morning).

More to come … at some point.  🙂


  1. Love it – personal posts are always fun – more please

  2. Love love love love the pics of the trees!!!!

  3. Thanks peeps 🙂

  4. Kate, I’m loving these! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Cant wait to see more!

  5. Wow – love it! Those are wonderful details. Tokyo looks like a fascinating place.


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