Photowrap Flush Mount Album for Karen + Phil

Aug 18, 2010 | Albums, Products

I love my album company!  I have a few new albums to share over the next week or two, and first up (so I can get this beautiful beast into their hands) is Karen + Phil’s 10×10 flush mount photowrap album.  I’ve just started to offer the photowrap cover and Karen and Phil’s wedding album was my very first time ordering this new style.  I was a little nervous as I opened up the box… but I shouldn’t have been.  As always, Forbeyon have exceeded my very high expectations and produced a GORGEOUS, chunky, bright, fun book for my clients.  Yay!

The photowrap style means you can have a single photo wrap all the way around the cover, replacing the leather cover.  In this case, I chose one photo for the front and spine, and a smaller, complimentary photo for the back.  I like this design style – it keeps things looking sharp and smart.  Also, note that Karen and Phil ordered two matching parent albums, also photowrap but a different company, in the 8×8 size.  They look good together!

I like posting closeup details of albums to illustrate just how beautifully these things are constructed.  I’ve seen a LOT of albums in my time, and these just can’t be beat!  The pages are thick and heavy, the spine is strong and sharp, the cover is bright and sturdy.  Inside, Kodak Supra Endura paper with UV coating means top quality printing, and the lay-flat panoramic pages mean 100% design flexibility.  Although I often choose not to, it’s nice to know that I *can* design across the seam and not lose any of the image to the gutter.

I’ve been designing a lot of guest books and wedding albums recently, and I’ve definitely refined my design style over the last few months.  I love a clean, simple design with all the attention going to the images:

And a few more of my favorite spreads from this album:


  1. Looks great Kate ! I’m ready to make my move to Forbeyon for next season.
    ProDPI also has fantastic parent or portrait albums.
    Rock on – Steve

  2. Thanks guys! Steve, I have started using the ProDPI albums too – silk bound. Love them! Karen and Phil saw both styles and went for the photowrap. I so wish ProDPI offered photowrap … that would be my perfect portrait book then. 🙂

  3. I keep coming back and staring at this post because your albums are so stunning. Love love love.

    I think my next album is going to be a Vision Art. They are yummy…

  4. Aww, thank you! 🙂 VisionArt is awesome, but watch out for the technicolor acid colors … recommend a 10-20% desaturation … ask them about that.


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