Wentworth by the Sea Wedding: Melissa + Taylor First Look and Portraits

Jul 14, 2010 | Weddings

As seems to be the case these days, the prettiest locations bring the foulest weather.  As Melissa was getting into her dress, the heavens opened, the thunder started and our hopes for some gorgeous on-location portraits were dashed.  I was so bummed!  Still, the hotel at Wentworth by the Sea does at least have some open air porches that we were able to utilize.  I found a private spot behind the restaurant for their sweet first look:


During his haircut earlier, Taylor had decided to save a rat’s tail especially for Melissa to cut off.  I think that’s what was causing the laughter here.  🙂


On our way down to meet the families, I spotted a cool window and grabbed a couple of portraits.  I’m not usually one for messing with images in Photoshop, but I kinda like how these turned out:


The area we found for the group photos had an old sail boat (minus the sails) – perfect for the guys’ nautical themed outfits!  The guys really worked their photo session:


Don’t those girls look gorgeous?  The bright bouquets looked awesome against the navy blue dresses.  We moved up to one of the front balconies for our final shots, and one of the groomsmen was kind enough to shelter me from the rain with a giant umbrella (thank you!!)


The ceremony and reception will be coming soon!


  1. Hi Kate: My advice is to pray for wet weather all the time: these are great photos and I love the light. You did another wet weather session a few weeks ago – the blue umbrella – and these were also stunning. dad xx

  2. It’s photographs like these that prove having relaxed pictures taken before the ceremony is the best idea ever. Amazing!

  3. I love these wedding party shots!! Thanks for taking over the balcony to get these, they’re beautiful! The photoshop-ing on the window pictures is awesome 🙂

  4. Also, the photos in the boat…fabulous!


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