Wentworth by the Sea Wedding: Melissa + Taylor Ceremony

Jul 16, 2010 | Weddings

After the group photos were complete, I headed over to Wentworth by the Sea Country Club where I met up with my *awesome* second shooter for the day, Leah Haydock.  Leah is my new photography BFF and an amazingly talented photographer (go check out her site here, or click here to see her photos from the wedding).  I grabbed a few details before the ceremony started in the large back-up tent at the Country Club.  I am in love with the little guy in the hat with the rad pink hair.  🙂


The ceremony began with huge smiles and lots of emotion on all sides:


I just love how intensely Melissa and Taylor look at each other … still, after ten years together!  The readings were short but beautiful …


And the ring exchange was funny.  Melissa even did a little fist pump!   The best part, though, was the prelude to the kiss (and check out Leah’s far better angle on this action spectacular!)


The final posts will likely be along next week as I’m out of state right now for a Washington wedding.

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  1. These ceremony pictures are perfect – thank you for capturing everything. It brings tears to my eyes looking at them because it was such a happy moment for us and I’m so happy we have amazing photos of it. Thank you!


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