Wentworth by the Sea Wedding: Melissa + Taylor Preparations

Jul 12, 2010 | Weddings

On Saturday, bright and early, I headed north to New Hampshire, to the adorable resort of Wentworth by the Sea.  I started my day at the hotel there, for some fun (and somewhat unusual) getting ready photos.  The girls’ room was gorgeous, with tons of natural light and beautiful furnishings … the perfect backdrop for some detail shots:


Aren’t those flowers by Jardiniere Florist gorgeous?  I just love the bright, vibrant colors that Melissa chose.  Melissa had her hair and makeup base done at the salon, but wanted to complete her eye makeup herself:


Dressing time!  The room had been so quiet up until that point.  Melissa’s mom was busy sewing the finishing touches to the ring-bearers’ jackets, and her best friend had been prepping food and various other bits and pieces.  It was nice having them come together to help Melissa into her dress:


I grabbed a couple of candid shots, and a couple more posed shots, once Melissa was in her dress.  She looked stunning …


I actually started earlier in the day with the guys.  I don’t usually photograph the boys until they’re in their wedding outfits, but this was a special day for Taylor – he was cutting off his beloved locks!  Or rather, his best friend was (and in fact all the guys chopped off a chunk … it was a mini hair ceremony!)


Fun!  And the end result was great – look at the difference in the photos below.  Pretty slick, Taylor!


The sweet first look and some rainy-day portraits are coming along soon.  🙂


  1. Hi Kate!! I’m one of the bridesmaids, and I just wanted to let you know the photos are gorgeous! Melissa and Taylor are glowing!! 🙂

  2. I love these images, the first look is priceless as are the black and white bridal portraits. However my favorites were of Taylor getting a hair cut, cute! Love these images, great captures!

  3. Thank you so much guys! Maria, so great working with you all!

  4. Wow incredible pics. I really like the black and white photo and love that she is in great shape.

  5. Thank you for entertaining the unusual request to capture the hair cut 🙂 I know Taylor will treasure the pictures with his long hair for years to come! The shot of Wyatt with the flowers is so adorable, and I have gotten tons of compliments on the getting ready photos. You are just unbelievably talented!!

  6. Kate, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. You not only helped to bottle-up the awesome essence of our big day but with your crazy cool personality and poised professionalism, I honestly believe you successfully served to enhanced the experience. We had a blast and we couldn’t be happier with your work. THANK YOU!!!!

  7. Melissa + Taylor – thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful comments, and for being such amazing people. 🙂 We had such a great time photographing your wedding, and I loved how cheerful you were about the rain. 🙂


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