Sample Album: Ophelia + Jeremy’s Fine Art Book

Jan 20, 2010 | Albums, Products, Weddings

Right before Christmas, I ordered up another studio sample album with photos from Jeremy + Ophelia’s beautiful July 2009 wedding, a 9.5×9.5 Fine Art Album.  This album is a little different to the Flush Mount Album, and it’s also a little more affordable.  The main difference between this one and the Flush Mount is the printing: instead of being printed on photographic paper, it’s printed on fine art paper with a soft, velvet-satin finish.  The colors are saturated and vibrant, and the printing is very sharp.  Another major difference is that it comes with a photowrap cover as standard.  Other options are available, including funky 3/4 leather binding, with just the front cover as a photowrap (I’m excited to order this style for my next sample).

VisionArt Sample Album

The other big difference is that the pages are much thinner – these pages are soft and flexible, like thick card, whereas the Flush Mount pages are much thicker (around 2mm) and more solid.  The image below shows the optional dust jacket.  I recommend adding on a dust jacket if you’ll be carrying your album around with you as it offers a little extra protection.

Close-up of VisionArt Album

It’s been interesting watching the reactions of recent clients and other studio visitors when presenting the two album styles.  Most people have a very strong feeling about which style they prefer, with around two thirds preferring the flush mount albums.  I really like both, but I would probably choose the Fine Art book for a high-end guest book upgrade, or portrait album, and the Flush Mount for my wedding album.

I thought it would be fun to show you some sample album designs too – here are a few of my favorite spreads from the Fine Art Album:


I like a really clean, simple design as I feel it enables the story – and the images – to really shine.  Here are a few more spreads from the reception part of the day:


There’s no comparison to seeing the albums in the flesh – so let me know if you’d like to set up an appointment to visit the studio!

© 2009 Kate McElwee Photography


  1. Love the simple, clean design! Great detail shots as well! 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks Jeannie 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I wish I’d seen some of your samples in person when I was in Boston. I LOVE the layout!

  4. Thanks Kat. 🙂

  5. these are BEAUTIFUL; i’d love to know who you’re using!

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos, and a great album design on top of it! Who do you use for your Fine Art Albums? The quality looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful work, Kate! I’d love to know you are using for your Fine Art Albums!


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