Model Shoot at Mystic with ShootStyle

Jan 13, 2010 | Portraits

It’s been a busy start of the year for me – but busy in a super-fun not-in-the-office kind of way.  I started 2010 with an awesome wedding photography conference in Mystic, CT.  As well as getting to listen to speakers such as Jerry Ghionis, David Williams and Joe McNally, I got to hang out and photograph with the radtastic ShootStyle crew.  Yeah!  We met up on Saturday afternoon and worked in small groups, each group taking a different model.  We totally lucked out by getting Bryn – not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she was willing to stand around in the freezing cold snow while we photographed her.  Thank you, Bryn!


I loved the spots we found around Olde Mistick Village.  The bright blue wall of the aquarium provided a much-needed shot of color (it was very gray that day).


One thing I love about group shoots like this is that you can play around with techniques and equipment you don’t usually have time to.  After playing with my 85mm lens I switched over to a tilt-shift lens, which I used to create the next two images.


For the last two images above, I decided to see how my 60mm macro would work as a portrait lens – because sometimes you want to get really close in … and I love how it worked out!

I’ll have a couple more indoor shots to post, hopefully later this week.  Huge thanks to ShootStyle for letting me tag along, I had so much fun playing with you all!


  1. Thank you Dennis. I had it pretty easy with such a cute model!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful work Kate! Thank you so much for coming along with us! You are a beautiful person and a real treat to meet! 🙂


  3. Awwww 🙂 Thank you ‘Dree!

  4. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous model!

  5. I love it Kate! What kind of lighting did you use?

  6. Thanks, Michelle! Mark, this was all completely natural light. The snow made for an amazing reflector though.

  7. you killed this shoot! love how those eyes pop!

  8. What a fun shoot! Love the last 2 and the b&w photos.


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