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Feb 10, 2017 | Albums

I made a little video to show the three different album types I offer: the Petite, the Signature, and the Luxe.

The Petite is a basic flush mount option with thin pages and sweet covers in faux leathers, and some fun materials. It’s a great choice for those on a budget who still want an archival album, but don’t need the fancier covers or thick pages.

The Signature is my most popular wedding album, and it’s a gorgeous, weighty, flush-mount album with cover options that include high quality real leathers, nubucks, silks, and luxury linens for a more modern feel. The cover features blind embossed imprinting with the couple’s names. The Signature comes as standard in a 10×10 size, but upgrades include a 9×12 horizontal or 12×12 square.

The Luxe is a high-end, luxury album choice. It is incredibly beautiful and hand crafted with the finest materials in New Zealand. It is also known as the Queensberry Duo. It is incredibly special as it combines flush-mount edge-to-edge images with matted images: photos are hand mounted in specially cut mattes for a very classic feel. It is also huge: the standard size I offer is 12×15 horizontal, and it’s a showstopper! One of the other special features of this beautiful book is the vellum overlay on the opening page. The vellum has your wedding date and names, and it lifts to reveal a favorite moment or portrait.

I hope this little video helps give a better overview of the difference between these three album types; but as always I recommend an in-person viewing if possible. So drop me a quick email if you’d like to see them in person!


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