Upgraded Petite and Luxe Wedding Albums: Fully Loaded Books for Amy & Bryan

Mar 11, 2014 | Albums

Amy and Bryan had an epic wedding weekend down on the Cape in the early fall, starting with camp games for 40 at Cape Cod Sea Camps (highlights included the egg toss, kickball game, and pinata bashing), followed by a 250 person clam bake rehearsal dinner at the elegant Wequassett Resort, and culminating in a huge, joyous, dance-party of a wedding at the beautiful Wychmere Beach Club.  I hadn’t met the couple before that Friday, but I quickly fell in love with their huge hearts, sharp wit, and goofy personalities, and by the end of the first day I felt like I had two new best friends.

After Amy and Bryan received their wedding pictures, their first question was, “how big are the albums?” They loved the photos and wanted to make sure that as many as possible would be preserved in beautiful books – happy days!  I gave them a few options, reminding them that the photos would still exist even if they didn’t make it to the album, and we finally settled on two maxed-out books; a 35 spread/70 page Luxe album for the  wedding day, and a 35 spread/70 page up-sized “Petite” album for the sea camps and rehearsal dinner photos.  The petite is my smallest album offering, and usually comes with 15 spreads in a smaller format, but because it’s a more economical album it was the perfect choice for a second volume.

The photos above showcase first the Luxe album with its modern, clean two tone leather cover in Cement and White Tribeca leathers, then the upgraded and up-sized petite album in De Sade.  You can see the difference in the page thickness between the two types of book; both books contain exactly the same number of pages – the pages of the Luxe album are that much thicker! Amy and Bryan, I’ll be sending these down to NYC for you this week … I can’t wait for you to see these beautiful beasts* in person!

*Beasts … yes. The combined weight of these two albums is around 20lbs!


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