an award winning image of an emotional wedding day moment by boston wedding photographer

Throwback Thursday: An Emotional Moment for Andrea

Jan 2, 2014 | Throwback Thursday, Weddings

an award winning image of an emotional wedding day moment by boston wedding photographer

My favorite wedding images are generally those that capture a perfect little moment in time.  Back in May 2009, I photographed Andrea and Andy’s wedding in Seattle.  We’d had grand plans for their portrait session, making a tour of Seattle’s most beautiful attractions; but the arrival of dark, gloomy clouds and pouring rain early on the wedding day quickly thwarted those plans.  Not to worry – as my dad often reminds me, I take some of my best photos in terrible weather – including this award-winning photo above of Andrea, and an award-winning wedding party portrait taken during hurricane Irene, among others!

Despite the horrendous weather, spirits were high as Andrea was getting ready, and it wasn’t until she was stepping into her wedding dress that things started getting emotional.  This photo comes moments after her dress was buttoned up, and I have another photo from seconds after, of Andrea’s parents holding each other tightly, wiping away their own tears, as they watched Andrea.

What I like most about this image is that I kept it simple, allowing the moment to be the focus, without distractions.  The processing is also clean, which helps add to its timeless quality.  I also like that it fits so well with my current portfolio of work; I can’t tell that I took this photo nearly five years ago; it could have been taken last month.

I’m still in touch with Andrea’s dad, Ray, once a year or so.  He keeps me updated on major family events, and I was thrilled to learn that Andrea and Andy now have a beautiful little girl called Natalie Ray.  Love to you all from snowy Boston to (no doubt) rainy Seattle!


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