jamaica plain engagement photo by gay friendly photographer

Throwback Thursday: Kelly Alice + Chris

Dec 12, 2013 | Engagements, LGBT Couples

jamaica plain engagement photo by gay friendly photographer

A brand new website calls for some fun new things, and I pledge to blog a little more frequently in 2014!  I’m starting off with a fun new series, Throwback Thursday, where I’ll be pulling out some favorite photos from years past and talking briefly about what I still enjoy about each image.

This photo of Kelly Alice and her wife Chris is from an engagement-style session we did in January 2010, soon after I moved from Seattle to Boston.  I wanted to photograph more gay couples, and the best way to attract any particular type couple is to show photos of that type of couple on your website (duh!)  Kelly and Chris were happy to volunteer, and get some kick-ass new photos of themselves in return, and this is one of many favorites from our session.

So, what do I like about this photo?  Well, I really wanted to capture Chris and Kelly’s fun, zany personalities.  They had warned me before our session that they were super nervous about being in front of the camera, so I was delighted that I had enabled them to really relax and let loose by the end of our short session.  Also, I love that the beauty of Jamaica Plain is captured in the background, and that that this shows how great snowy engagement photos can be.  Snow reflects light back up into the face and it is such a pretty, soft light – universally flattering!  Thanks Kelly and Chris for helping me out when I first moved to Boston.  I hope you’re still enjoying the photos!


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