Salem Cross Inn Wedding: Heidi + Aiden

Dec 8, 2013 | Weddings

Aiden and Heidi’s rustic midweek wedding at the Salem Cross Inn was one of the sweetest weddings I photographed this year.  This lovely couple met at music school, and although they are both talented musicians, they now work in the wedding industry; Aiden is a fellow Boston wedding photographer and Heidi has just started her career as a videographer.

The way I got connected to these guys is kind of awesome.  A photographer acquaintance in the Boston area messaged me to let me know that he’d seen some of my photos being used on a Craigslist posting, and he thought I should know.  Aiden had posted on Craigslist, looking for an up-and-coming (and more affordable) photographer with a modern, creative style.  Several of my photos were included as samples of the kind of work he loved, along with photos by two of my photographic heros, Huy Nguyen and Susan Stripling.

Intrigued (and incredibly flattered), I contacted Aiden as I was curious to hear his story … and to see if we could make something work.  Well, to cut a long story short, we figured something out, and I was thrilled to be part of this beautiful and intimate celebration.

Some favorite moments: watching Heidi and her best friends cheerfully working away on details in the getting ready room at the Inn; taking some of the couples portraits in a field of cows; the hilarious moment during the ceremony when Aiden and Heidi pulled out their rings – check out the photo in the slideshow!  Something else cool that I hadn’t expected was that almost every communication that day was in Korean.  I hadn’t realized how much I usually rely on aural cues when photographing, and it was a fun new challenge working around it.  It was a relief to find out that I could in fact go anywhere in the world and photograph a wedding – as long as I stay very alert to the visual cues!


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