Mar 10, 2011 | Engagements

I’m so happy to finally be back to engagements – it’s been a long winter of a whole lotta nothing going on (something I am still trying to get used to here on the east coast – Seattle was busy with weddings and engagements all year round) but I’m feeling refreshed and excited about all the sessions I have going on over the next couple of months.

On Saturday, I headed down to Cape Cod where I met up with Jen and Morgan.  They booked me to photograph their wedding last summer, but this was our first time meeting.  I loved them!  These guys are funny – hilarious! – and passionate.  Morgan had me in stitches and Jen’s the kind of girl you want to spend the evening with, along with a bottle or two of wine, gossiping the night away.  🙂  They also have the best dogs ever (well, theoretically, Jen’s parents have them) – but more on them later.

We started off on a little patch of beach.  It was a warm day everywhere else in Massachusetts – not here.  It was also crazy windy.  And yet, this might just be my favorite shot of the day:

It was sooo cold, that the only sensible thing to do was to snuggle up and try to think of summer.

The sky was looking pretty good though – love this one:

We decided that the beach was just too cold for photos, so we headed over to a family friend’s property.  The friend wasn’t there, so she might be surprised to see the next set of photos!

I loved the rich, warm colors in among the grasses … and Morgan pointed out this very cool tree in the yard:

For our next stop I had a request: find me somewhere outdoors with a bench or table where you can sit.  I was hoping for some good stuff – I never imagined it would be this good:

I LOVE how they interact.  Still flirting, like they just met.  🙂

A couple more photos in the park …

… then we headed to the restaurant in town where Jen spent many a summer waitressing.  They had a glass of wine and I did the paparazzo thing.

We went back to the house to grab the doggies and take them down to the beach.  We got some cute pics on the beach, but my absolute favorites came from the five minutes back in the kitchen.  This is the beautiful, energetic and sometimes noisy Harley:

And that’s Jen’s pup, the sweet, quiet and oh-so-gentle Boston.  I really wanted to take them both home with me – they’re such lovely dogs.  One last photo on the beach to finish up with: Boston exploring the dunes.  Thank you guys for a super fun afternoon, and for braving the frigid temperatures on the beach.  I hope you enjoyed the teasers – lots more coming your way soon.  🙂

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  1. WOW! You really outdid yourself Kate! I LOVE the pooch shots but really adore the shot of them & the sky. Great job!

  2. I really love this session, Kate. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And, I absolutely love that boxer butt… 🙂


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