Back Bay + Boston Public Library Engagement Session: Shelly + Lance

Nov 16, 2010 | Engagements

It’s mid November and it’s official: I’m behind!  I’ve done sooo well at keeping up with my blogging and editing this year, but it always falls apart at some point.  At least this time I have some fun excuses: my friend Alyssa’s wedding which took me back to Seattle for a week (I’m hoping to blog that next week) … my friend Corey’s visit which took me up to Maine and New Hampshire for a few days … and finally the magnificent and wonderful Foundation Conference which had me eating obscene amounts of delicious BBQ in Kansas City, MO.

Anyway, although there are a number of shoots ahead of Lance and Shelly in the blogging line, I figured it might be fun to switch it up a little and post them first.  🙂  These sweethearts were in town from Texas, visiting a friend at BU.  They’re both engineering students at Texas A&M University, and they have a lot of fun stuff coming up this year: graduation, applying for grad school … and their wedding!  (Totally bummed I’m not shooting that – these guys are so much fun!)  We started out in the Public Garden, moving on through Back Bay and finally ending up at the Public Library.

These guys are full of love and giggles.

I asked them what they loved most in each other’s faces: their eyes!

Exploring, spinning, and just generally looking cute:

Some of my favorite photos came from the library.  Maybe it’s because I love sneaking around, taking photos where I probably shouldn’t …

And our final photos.  I love the sense of fun that Shelly and Lance have, and their emotional honesty.  Thank you, guys, for a lovely afternoon!


  1. Thanks Lara 🙂

  2. So fun! Love them!! Stunning!!! I absolutely love the one of them with their heads in the books! Made me chuckle!! 🙂

  3. Thank you Tracy! I loved what they did with the books too – and that was all them, no posing from me there.

  4. Those are amazing pics, God absolutely put you two together, God bless you both!!

  5. Ohhhhh how fantastic! These are my favorite e-session pics of yours I’ve ever seen! Sorry I contributed to your backlog!!!!

  6. These are immense. The covert long shot under the reading lights in the library is like a lesson in a rectangular box on how to take the most engaging photographs possible.

  7. A-Ma-Zing! I 2nd Corey – best e-session I’ve seen, by you or anyone. LOVE THIS!!!

    P.S. – I’m jealous you two got to hang out. I want a turn.


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