Baby Session in Seattle: Lanaya, Zach + Elijah

Nov 19, 2010 | Families, Little Ones, Portraits

The next two posts have a theme going on.  It’s something along the lines of having a friend who photographs is not always a good thing as you end up waiting about three times as long as anyone else to see your teasers.  🙂  I spent a week in Seattle back in mid October, and although I tried to keep the photography to a minimum, I couldn’t resist a quick pre-dinner mini-session with Lanaya and Zach (former wedding clients who’ve become some of my best friends in Seattle) and their sweet baby boy, Elijah.

We spent 25 minutes or so in the UW arboretum, making strange noises, giggling and wrestling with Eli.  He’s the perfect age for photos – super curious, but not yet camera-shy.

Eli wanted to touch everything … including my camera, and some dirty moss …

I fell in love with his huge eyes, and his 101 awesome little expressions …

… and most especially that final expression.  Loves!  Then it was off to the Madrona Pub for a couple of pints of Manny’s and some tasty fries.  🙂


  1. Love them! Elijah is really interested in them too. He seems to find the picture of himself reaching towards the camera hilarious.

  2. Dude!


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