Butternut Farm Wedding: Liz + Jim Ceremony

Jul 9, 2010 | Weddings

Liz and Jim got married at the delightfully cute St Bridget’s in Maynard, MA.  Churches can sometimes be a little tough for us photographers, but this time it was perfect.  We had the most magical light I’ve ever seen in a church, an amazing priest who values photography (yay!) and a ton of happy, friendly guests.  I was stoked!


Light this gorgeous deserves to be showcased in black and white.  🙂


Thanks to the wonderful priest, I was able to capture some photos of Liz entering the chuch with her dad, as well as some very special pre-ceremony family prayers.


That light!  Wowzers!  I was in heaven …


Although the service was a full Catholic mass, there were also lots of beautiful customizations.  One of my favorite moments was when the priest pulled Liz, then Jim, forward to share a special moment with their families.  I’m betting no one will be forgetting this ceremony any time soon …


The reception will be up soon, along with some cute couples portraits!


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