Wellesley College Wedding: Catherine + Theis Reception Part One

Jun 25, 2010 | Awesome Vendors, Weddings

Catherine and Theis held their gorgeous reception at TZE House in Wellesley College, right on the lake.  What a location!


TZE House is just gorgeous – simple, rustic and airy.  While setup was being completed, everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine (and the parasols – it was mighty toasty that afternoon!)


Please excuse my indulgence while I show you the table settings.  I almost died when I saw the amazing apples used as place markers, and all those perfectly mismatched flowers in their little vases.  Wow!


OK, back to the people.  Before lunch there were some really great toasts.  I especially loved the two dads’ speeches:


Food was served family style.  I have to tell you right now that if I ever throw a big party around here, I will be booking Season to Taste Catering.  They were extraordinary.  Not only was the food to die for (look at those individual family sized quiches!) but they were by far the coolest crew I’ve ever worked with.  SO relaxed, and friendly, and fun.  LOVE them!  Plus they managed to make a vegetarian lunch so delicious that even this die-hard carnivore was delighted with her plate.


Part two of the reception will be served right up …


  1. Kate,

    Great pictures!!! We were so anxious to see them we waited 15 minutes on a dial-up connection to see everything load — it was worth it. Anyway, I want to give Theis major credit for making the table runners, which added such life to the setting, and to the bridesmaids for doing all the flowers at the very last minute.

    Cheers from the South Pacific!



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