Diptych Day: Circle

May 13, 2010 | Diptych Day, Personal

Diptych Day is a weekly project with Seattle wedding photographer Amelia Soper.  For week five of our project, we decided to have circle as our theme.  After last week, we both felt like having an easier ride, but truth be told I actually found this more taxing, conceptually, than any of the previous themes.  Sure, there are tons of circular things out there I could have shot, but that didn’t seem to be quite enough.  A couple of days ago I came to the conclusion that shooting circles through a circle might work for me, and it would challenge me technically too (which is half the fun).

I wanted to use circles that are a major part of my day to day life, so the obvious choice was my wedding ring.  I also liked the circular holes in my birth control packaging and figured I could make new circles by shining a light through the holes.  The shot turned out well, but it was too …. clean.  I wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a hexagonal grater box.  The weird angles made the circles less circly and finally I got the abstract look I was hoping for.  So that’s my finished shot on the left.

I love how Amy’s shot also uses layers of circles – the first circle is the rim of the glass … then a layer of tiny circular bubbles … and then the circle formed where the stem attaches.  The colors look great together too.

Wow, congratulations if you made your way through all that!  I hope you enjoy our diptych this week … and head on over to Amy’s blog later today to hear her side of the circle story.



  1. I love this idea. So fun! and of course the photos are great to look at too!

  2. LOL, Kate, how on earth do you think of such wonderful idea’s?

  3. Both of these pictures are wonderful. I can see hanging both of them up, in a large wall-sized frame. Very cool, Kate.

  4. Thanks ladies! 🙂 Katie, I’ve totally been thinking about seeing if we can both get these printed up and into a coffee shop at some point. It could make for a cute little exhibition …


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