Lake Tahoe Wedding: Reception

Apr 9, 2010 | Weddings

Cocktail hour was crazy for me, with tons of group photos, so I’m really happy that I spent a little time before the ceremony photographing the reception room.  The cherry blossom decor by Thran’s Flowers really blew me away.  What a perfect room for a springtime wedding!


Just before dinner, Anne and Chris gave a little toast, and thanked their guests for traveling such a long way – as I told them over and over on the day, I was really impressed at the turnout for a destination wedding (well over 100 guests came in from all over the US, many of them from the Pacific Northwest).  Dinner was delicious – as videographer Jason of VideoQuest joked, “the food at Edgewood sucks pretty much as much as the view”.  🙂


After dinner, we headed out onto the beach for some sunset photos.  It was a gorgeous evening …


We got soooo many good photos on the beach, it was tough trying to narrow it down to just a handful for the blog.  I love this time of day for photos – not only is the light soft and lovely, but the bride and groom are usually at their most relaxed.  🙂


We headed back inside for toasts, and what funny toasts they were!  There were some especially entertaining groomsmen.


Then it was time for the first dances, two of which were choreographed (impressive!)  Then, the dance floor opened and DJ Brett of Platinum DJ worked some magic – look at that crazy party!  And yes, that is indeed a choreographed MJ dance you see below … I will never be able to think of Thriller in quite the same way again!


Thank you Anne and Chris for an amazing time, for flying me down to Tahoe to document your wedding, and for introducing me to your amazing family and friends.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the teasers!


  1. Love love love these pics! Some of the funnest dancing pics I’ve seen!!

    The sunset pics by the lake are spectacular! Love the one of him kissing her forehead. 🙂

  2. Thank you Corey! It was a pretty fabulous setting. 🙂

  3. Wow, so stunning! The bride is gorgeous and that reception hall looks incredible. I love the close up of the centerpieces. They looked like crystal beads before I saw the close up. You captured the mood so well, everyone seems so HAPPY! As usual Kate, unbelievable.

  4. Thanks so much CJ. 🙂 The decor was incredible. I was amused when I first saw it, because Chris and Anne had told me that they were “just keeping it really simple”. It was gorgeous! And yes, there were lots of very, very happy people there. It was a ton of fun!

  5. OOH!! those out of focus shots are BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Thanks Kim 🙂


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