Lake Tahoe Wedding: Ceremony

Apr 9, 2010 | Weddings

Chris and Anne’s ceremony was held in the lobby at the Edgewood – and it’s such a cool space.  I loved the high ceilings, the simple wood-rich decor and the abundance of natural light.  The sweet cherry blossom and candle decor by Thran’s Flowers was a treat, as was the beautiful live music by the Avalanche duo.  The ceremony was performed by their good friend (and Chris’ former boss) Niels, and was jam-packed with big belly laughs.


With the huge wooden pillars around the alter, I was able to get into a really great spot for the processional – and I love the photos of Anne’s father giving her away.


The ceremony included a lot of Chris and Anne’s nearest and dearest, including the fabulous Anna, whose wedding in the San Juan Islands I photographed over a year and a half ago (it was such a treat catching up with some of my favorite couples at this wedding – Alexa and Brian, Anna and Denny, and the family of Joanna and Lee … perfect!)


Belly laughs are the best!  And probably my very favorite part of the ceremony was when the three moms got up to talk about Anne and Chris, love and life.  It was beautiful, funny and warm.


A few final shots from the ceremony:


At the end of the ceremony I got some great images of friends and family as they moved through the receiving line.  I have to say, although it takes a little time, receiving lines are such a good way of making sure that you get to say hello to all of your guests, and it means that you can roam free for the rest of the day.  Plus, I am kinda loving the photo opps they provide!  Coming next: the reception and some final couples portraits.


  1. Hi, I was just browsing some sites and came upon yours. Your pics are very lovely. I especially like the mixture of color and b&w. I did some weddings in Boston up to about 10 years ago. I live in GA now. I used a Mamiya medium format film camera. I assume you guys are digital. In your opinion whats the best digital camera for weddings?

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for the comment. 🙂 It’s just me (I often work with an assistant but I’m not a big studio!) … and I do indeed shoot all digital (although I love film). I shoot 95% of the time with the Nikon D700 which for me is the perfect wedding camera. Full frame, fast, great at high ISOs, but not as heavy as the D3 (being a 5’6″ wimpy female I need gear which is easy to carry around for a 7-10 hour day). For Canon shooters, the 5D or 5D Mk II would be a great choice.


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