Seattle Belly Session: Lanaya + Zach

Mar 15, 2010 | Bellies

Lanaya and Zach are former wedding clients who have become dear, dear friends.  I try to hook up with them every time I fly back to Seattle, and when Lanaya finally agreed to let take some maternity photos of her (she claims to be camera-shy) I was thrilled.  After being rained off the first time around, we decided to meet up with Zach at Green Lake after her baby shower last Sunday.  Just as we were leaving Carkeek Park (the venue for her shower) I decided I couldn’t resist taking a couple of solo shots of her as the light was dreamy …


I’m so happy I got these, because the sky quickly clouded over and we were left with the Giant Gray Softbox that was the bane of my life when I lived back west!


Still, who really needs sunshine when your subjects are glowing like this?


I was hoping to find an unused dock for a set of photos … no such luck, but a very sweet man kindly offered to vacate this one for us when he saw my camera.  🙂


Thank you, guys, for a lovely afternoon, for making me laugh, and for helping me make it back to Boston in one piece.  I can’t wait to meet the little one when he arrives!


  1. Love these Kate! You sure are good at what you do. You are a master at making it looks like we had Green Lake all to ourselves when in reality it was super crowded that day.

  2. love this! I think I met Lanaya at one of my weddings last year. She’s beautiful.


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