Karrie + Ryan: Getting Ready

Mar 7, 2010 | Weddings

Last Saturday, I was back in Seattle for Karrie + Ryan’s wedding.  It wasn’t the prettiest day outside, but Karrie had reserved the amazing Denny Suite at the Pan Pacific Hotel and it was bathed in the most gorgeous light – it was the perfect start to a beautiful day.  The girls had been at the salon in the morning, so I had a leisurely start to my day, photographing all of Karrie’s little details.  Her bracelet and hair clip came from Etsy, her wedding dress was a steal from one of the weddings shows, and her cute little ballet flats were by J. Crew.  Her flowers, by Kendra at Loves Me Flowers, were sooo gorgeous.  I’d have been happy snapping away at them for hours!


After a little while, the girls started doing their makeup.  I loved that Karrie helped a couple of her bridesmaids with makeup – that’s a sure sign of a happy, relaxed bride!


Some of my favorite photos from the day are these shots of Karrie getting into her dress.  Her expression here says it all – too cute.  🙂


The bridesmaids looked picture-perfect too of course – I loved that the soft blue of their dresses was given a little pop with killer silver shoes.


Stay tuned for more photos in a couple of days … including a very emotional first look and some killer portraits.


  1. Hi Kate: Your web page is beautiful and as classy as you are. The pictures are imaginative and as beautiful and show warmth and feeling as always. You are one talented lady and I always enjoy your photographs.

    I have a question. Would be possible to get a copy of the first floral picture photo at the top of the page. I love it and would like to frame and hang it in my humble abode.

    My love to you and Josh. Miss you. Ann

  2. I am in awe Kate, the pictures turned out so incredibly beautiful! You are truely talanteed. Everyone looks so beautiful. I am so excited to see more :).

  3. Kate…these are gorgeous! the lighting in that room was heavenly. you are genius! more please! 😉

  4. Ladies! thank you so much for your awesome comments! Ann, I will check in with Karrie, but I’d love for you to have a copy of that photo. 🙂 More soon Amy, don’t you worry ;D

  5. These are so beautiful Kate. You even made me look good! I can not wait to see more.

  6. Hey, thanks Carol! There are lots of really cute ones of you and your girls – I likely won’t be blogging them, but just know you have lots to look forward to when the full set is available! 🙂

  7. OH HONEY… these are lovely, just lovely!!! You are so so so good at what you do. SO good!

  8. Awww, thank you Laurel. 😀

  9. It is so nice to finally see these on a computer screen, instead of my cell phone. I love love love all the pictures, of course. Thanks for being such a super star that day. I wish I could have another wedding so you could take pictures of it :)… It is okay with me if Ann wants a picture of the flowers. I would be honored to have my bouquet hanging on her wall.

  10. Just looking at all of these make me so happy. They certainly captured the love of the day!!

  11. Kate, these are the most beautiful detail shots I’ve ever seen you take. Stunning!


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