Sample Album: Kathleen + Andy’s Flush Mount Album

Dec 29, 2009 | Albums, Products

Since moving from Seattle to Boston this fall, one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed between East Coast and West Coast couples is in albums: West Coasters seem to consider them extravagant extras, whereas to most East Coast couples, albums are a very important part of the wedding photography package.  This makes me super happy because a high end, professionally designed album is a joy to behold, and there is nothing I love more than to see my photographs in a gorgeous, modern family heirloom.

So, over the winter I’ll be adding a few more samples to my album arsenal, and the first I have to show you is a 10×10 leather-bound flush mount album featuring Kathleen and Andy’s July 2009 wedding.

Flush Mount Albums by Kate McElwee

The album is covered in premium Pearl leather, and it is soft and creamy.  I chose to have their names imprinted on the spine in silver – which makes it beautifully subtle (and a nightmare to photograph!)  The cover features a large photo metallic cameo which is inset into the leather.  This unusual element adds to the overall modern couture feel.

Flush Mount Album with Metallic Photo Inset

The construction of these particular flush mount albums is first class; it took a lot of research (and much feeling-up of albums at conventions and trade shows) to find what I believe is the finest craftsmanship in the industry.  The leather is soft and buttery, the spine is perfect, and the printing is second-to-none.  I particularly love that I can design panoramic spreads: because there is no gutter, the entire image is displayed, no matter where it is on the page.

Panoramic Printing with No Gap

I currently have two flush mount albums at the studio; Kathleen and Andy’s wedding sample and a boudoir sample album.  The boudoir sample is shown below in Cherry, along with a number of other sample books.  Let me know if you’d like to make an appointment to see them in the flesh!

Flush Mount and Other Sample Albums by Kate McElwee


  1. Gorgeous!!

  2. Loooovveeeeeeeee these! Gorgeous work and albums Kate!

  3. Beautiful! What company did you end up deciding on for your albums?

  4. Thanks ladies! Heather, the flush mounts featured here are by Forbeyon, in Texas. Fantastic company.

  5. Very nice. I haven’t seen that company before. I just got back from Imaging USA and there were quite a few album companies, but also a few that were not there that I wish I could have seen.

  6. Hello there,
    Well done. Nice finished photo albums. I have the machine that makes the inner paper and I wish to be able to learn anything from you that I can do the covers. If you do sell photo album covers, then, I am interested to buy some from you. If you don’t, then, I am interested to know from where you buy the album covers. If you make them yoursself, I wish I can learn from you anything to do them myself. Thank and keep up with the good work.


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