Vacation Pics Part One: Dorset

Dec 2, 2008 | Personal

I’m finally getting around to sorting through my vacation photos – I actually didn’t use my camera much, as I wanted to take a really good break from work and everything related, but I couldn’t resist taking a few pics of some of my favorite places in the world.

After London, I headed west to Dorset where I grew up.  I spent five wonderful days staying with my best Dorset buddies Alex and Jems, gorging myself on traditional British food (yay bacon butties! Yay Eccles cakes!  Yay cottage pie and stew!) and feasting my eyes on the hills and valleys and cows and sheep that are pretty much the only things I miss about England apart from my people.

Anyway, on a hungover and grizzly Saturday afternoon, I headed out for a hilltop walk on Bulbarrow with my best friends in the world, and sheep-a-plenty.  These photos make me smile …

© 2008 Kate McElwee Photography


  1. I love all these sheep!!

  2. LOVE these!

    I love the sheep’s expressions. Are you back then(:

  3. Hey lady, welcome back! Gorgeous countryside, and yay for happy little sheep 🙂

  4. Hey Kate,

    I never realised you lived in Dorset. I left Bournemouth to move to Ireland and miss it tons.

    You ever decide to come out this side of the pond again and want to spend some time in Ireland, then give me a shout and we will look after you.

    Keep well 🙂


    • Ha, that’s funny! It’s a small, small world 🙂 I miss the Dorset countryside so much, but otherwise Seattle is pretty much perfect 🙂 The hubby and I both love Ireland and if we manage to get over that way on one of our next visits to the UK we’ll absolutely give you a shout – that would be fab!


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