The Perfect Winter Engagement: Sunshine + Zandro

Dec 6, 2008 | Engagements

On Thursday afternoon, I met up with the super cute and very fun Sunshine and Zandro, one of my August 2009 couples.  With a little last-minute planning and a lot of luck, we had a beautiful sunny afternoon to spend in Golden Gardens and the Sculpture Park.  I love Golden Gardens because wherever you go the backdrops are gorgeous – I especially love the sand dunes with the long grasses, and the little patch of trees by the bathhouse is pretty even when winter leaves them bare.

At the end of our afternoon, we headed up to Kerry Park, just in time for the most amazing sunset.  Thank you both for braving the bitter cold – I hope you’ll agree it was worth it!  And here’s something new and exciting: as well as a handful of teaser photos, I’ve also made a little slideshow to ‘Good Day Sunshine’ by Sunshine’s favorite band, The Beatles.  Enjoy!

To view the slideshow, click on the little play symbol on the bottom left (not the button in the center).


  1. Kate – Awesome slide show! So cute!

  2. Hey Joanna! Thank you – I’m planning for them to become a regular part of the blog now 😀

  3. LOVED the slideshow! How cute!!

  4. Kate you did an awesome job! We just love them, I can’t wait until we get the cd. The sunset picture in Kerry Park is our favorite : ) Thanks again . . .Sunshine


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