Friday in Hollywood: Jackie + Ryan

Oct 1, 2008 | Weddings

OK, so I didn’t really fly down to LA on Friday, but I was back at The Hollywood Schoolhouse for another gorgeous wedding, this time with Jackie and Ryan.  I started the day with the girls – they were getting ready at Willow’s Lodge (one of my favorite hotels of all time), and after some final-touch getting-ready shots we all headed out onto the lawn for some very silly and totally fun group shots.

The guys were up next – I met Ryan and his buddies at the Schoolhouse, and took a lot of candids as they made their own final touches (who knew that putting on boutonnieres could be so much fun?!)  After a slightly chaotic but very enjoyable hour of group and couple photos, we all headed inside for the ceremony.  And what a wonderful ceremony it was.  Dispensing with tradition, Jackie walked herself halfway down the aisle (to the sound of the bagpipes), where she met with Ryan so that they could walk the final steps together as a couple.

Jackie’s son Jake is a huge part of their lives, and I loved how much he was integrated into the celebrations.  He even had his own personal wedding cake!  What a cutie-pie too, he was a doll in front of the camera.  After dinner, there were some wonderfully long toasts.  I adore the toasts as it’s my best opportunity for getting great candids, and Ryan and Jackie’s friends and family did not disappoint!  One of my favorite moments was when Ryan’s best friend gifted him the Bud Light poster that Ryan had been lusting after since his childhood.  Awesome!  I finished the night capturing some riotous action on the dance floor – even Ryan’s 90-year-old grandmother joined the crowd for a boogie!  Michael Fort of Events with Integrity did another stellar job DJing, and it was neat getting to see him double up as officiant too.  Thank you all for a very entertaining and emotional evening, and enjoy your teasers!


  1. Thank you so much Kate! We are so pleased and highly recommend you to anyone!

    You took amazing pictures of our wedding & guests— We LOVE the picture you posted of Jake, it’s an all time favorite!

  2. Kate,
    The photos are absolutely amazing. I especially love the one of jackie and ryan in front of the license plates and of course of baby Jake. You are an outstanding photographer!

  3. WOW – These are great photos! We were noticing what an outstanding job you were doing at the rehersal and wedding. Wish we knew about you when we got married! I will certainly pass your info on to anyone we come across that is getting married. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!

  4. These are amazing! Captures the essence of the wedding and goodness, everyone is gorgeous!


  5. Kate, it was such a pleasure to meet you and watch you capture one of the most signicant days of my brother (and now sister’s) life! Your photography is beyond incredible and I can’t wait to to recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer for anything. You are truly an artist. Thank you again!

  6. Jackie,
    Marilyn just sent me this link. WOW! You are a gorgeous bride, Ryan is so handsome and of course Jake is darling. The day looks perfect and the photos are fabulous. Happy Days to all of you! We miss you terribly.


  7. Congratulations!!! You look absolutely beautiful!! Hubby looks pretty good too 🙂 Thanks for sharing pictures of your special day. Many blessings to both of you. 🙂 stephanie

  8. Jackie-
    The kids and I looked at your beautiful photos this morning! WoW!!!!!!!!! They brought tears to my eyes!!! We are so happy for you! All the best!!!!!!!! Kelye, Justice and Grace and Miss Cast too!!!!!

  9. These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful day…I loved seeing the joy in everyone’s eyes! Congrats!

  10. I am very pleased to have known Jackie and wish her the best on her new journey. I have had the pleasure of meeting her son but not her husband. Blessings and happiness to the new family.

  11. Jackie
    Those are amazing pictures. You guys look soooo great. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. We miss you at EG but I’m sure you are having a great year. I love the pic of Jake and Ryan.


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