The Hollywood Schoolhouse: Misha + Liam

Sep 27, 2008 | Weddings

Last Sunday, it was finally time for Misha & Liam’s wedding at The Hollywood Schoolhouse up in Woodinville.  These guys kept me waiting almost a year from our first meeting, and I was super excited when their big day finally rolled around.  Misha had spent the year planning and designing and researching like crazy, and her vintage Parisian theme was picture perfect.  From the gorgeous invites by Cry Baby Ink, through the perfectly coordinated color scheme (such pretty hues!) to the cute Eiffel Tower replica by the fireplace, Misha and Liam pulled off a visual feast (heaven for detail-obsessed photographers like myself!)

I started the day off at Misha’s parents’ house for some getting ready pics of the girls, then we headed down to the Schoolhouse for their first look and group photos.  The wedding party was awesome to work with – totally up for my crazy ideas, and upbeat and goofy all day.  It was great working with Jed Rusyniak again, and I loved his ideas for the group shots (thank you Jed!)

The ceremony was beautiful, the reception awesome.  These guys know how to party!  With a little help from superstar DJ Sean Denard, everyone had a blast on the dance floor … as you can probably tell from the photos!  And towards the end of the day, Fiona and I set up the photobooth, props and all!  It was, as always, a huge success.  Thank you so much to Misha and Liam for a wonderful day, and for being such a warm and welcoming couple.  And thanks again to the fabulous Laura Gram who helped make the day run smoothly and the venue look gorgeous.

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  1. Kate – Supercute! The props for the photobooth totally rock, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them at my reception…hahahaha

  2. Kate, You do such an wonderful job making brides look spectacular. All your weddings are so awesome. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for my baby bump pictures. You are amazing!!!

  3. Again! Just an amazing job Kate!! What a gorgeous wedding!!

  4. YAY! Misha! Your wedding was spectacular, and Kate you continue to wow us all…I am in love with the photobooth picture of Liam and Misha at the very end. It’s as fun, cute, and sweet as this couple obviously is. My favorite aside from that is the one on the bench in front of the schoolhouse where the couple is about to kiss (or just after a kiss??) and they are smiling. *sigh*…beautiful as always, Kate!!!

  5. Okay, now that I can finally post on a computer that will work…OH MY GOSH, these pictures are awesome! We can hardly wait to see the rest. We love you, Kate! 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your wedding with us. We are sorry that we could not attend. Arlan has spinodylolistthesis which means one vertebra has slipped relative to another in the lower back. This creats pain and I am being treated with steroid shots and electrical RF energy. This was a birth defect that eventually began to cause pain. Unfortunately, the treatments thus far have not eliminated the pain. I am also losing weight and exercising daily in a heated therapy pool. We hope to vist the Seattle area some time in the future when my back is better. Our best to you both and may yourlife together be blessed.

  7. So pretty! How was the weather on that day? I am having mine on August 18TH!!
    One of the only sunny days in Seattle 🙁 Your pics are so great!!
    Looove that dress btw. Can you recommend a good wedding planner??


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