Boudoir Session with Kat

Sep 28, 2008 | Boudoir

So … I am about three months behind schedule with my boudoir blogging (which means lots more boudoir teasers through the winter, yay!)  I am so behind, in fact, that the gorgeous and amazingly photogenic Kat had to remind me to post her boudoir teasers.  Oops!

Kat came to my home studio a few months ago to get photos for her groom’s gift (she got married in Montana this month) and we had a blast getting not just the standard lingerie shots but also some pretty racy images with a few props she had brought along, as well as some gorgeous fine-art nude photos.

Please note that the content below is not safe for work, and if you are offended by nudity and/or bedroom accessories, then this post is not for you!  And for those who are dying to read on … enjoy!


  1. Kate! These are gorgeous! Fantastic work.

  2. Wow, those are beyond words!!! Kat has one lucky man waiting for her at home. I love the black and white one, where she is wearing nothing but a choker. Her back looks insane in that photograph. There is not one picture that makes her look anything less that gorgeous. The more work I see, the more I believe that you are the best! Beautiful work Kate!!!


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