Heather + Gage: Part II

Aug 9, 2008 | Engagements

You may remember Heather and Gage from Part One of our engagement session back in early July.  Well, this Wednesday, we headed into Post Alley and onto 1st Avenue to take a few more architectural photos to round off their collection.  It was super fun to see them again!

We started off the session at old favorite Post Alley to the south of the market:

This is one of my favorite spots at the market.  I love the texture of the concrete.

After a while, we headed up onto First Ave for a change of scenery.  I love this blue wall, but OH BOY did it stink on Wednesday evening!  I think Gage and Heather thought I was nuts when I lay down on the ground to get a couple of shots!

The Funny Face Wall:

I spotted a gap in the buildings where the light was spectacular, so we grabbed a couple of shots there:

Thanks Heather and Gage for another fun session, and see you next summer!

© 2008 Kate McElwee Photography


  1. Kate, I absolutely LOVE them!! Thank you so much for taking such amazing pictures of us! I can’t wait for you to take our wedding pictures in June!!

  2. Love it!

    I need to do a session in Seattle some time. So many cool places to go(:

    That first one with all the windows….gorgeous!!!


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