Trashing the Dress, Hawaiian Style: Kari & Chris

Mar 27, 2008 | Trash the Dress

It’s a bit miserable here in Seattle – so what better way to brighten up the day than to post some more photos from Hawaii? A couple of days after Chris and Kari’s beautiful wedding on Oahu, we headed out for a morning ‘trash the dress’ session. Huge thanks to Nate Naismith, father of the groom from Marcy and Kyle’s wedding, for finding me the two fantastic locations for our shoot!

We started off at Waikiki Natatorium just off Waikiki beach. It’s an awesome building but it was sadly still closed for renovations, so my hopes for funky shots by the distressed buildings and reflections in the pool were shattered. Still, we grabbed a couple of shots outside under the arches and in front of the gates (and were accosted by a local Santa Claus, also there for a photo shoot – yes, it was as weird as it sounds, seeing Father Christmas by the beach in 80 degree sunshine!)

We then headed off to the beautiful and utterly serene Lanikai Beach in the south east corner of Oahu. It is such a perfect spot – bright blue water, perfect golden sand, and two little islands just offshore. Gorgeous! The sun was a little harsh, but it made it a lot easier persuading Kari and Chris to wade into the sea, fully clothed!

We started with some couple shots, then Chris took out his camera (he’s a photographer too) and I spent some time alone with Kari. It was hard narrowing down the selection, but these are a few of my favorite shots …


  1. These are SO gorgeous!!!!!! I absolutely ADORE that take on the “ring” shot. Makes me crave some sand and sun!

  2. Glad I could help. Beautiful photos as usual. I like the one where they are standing between the two islands. Makes me yearn for a trip back to the islands soon. Maybe next year.

  3. hi kate,
    these look great, thought i’d come by to say hi. got your msg on dwf! HI!!


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