Darlings of the DAR: Sarah & Chris’ Wedding

Mar 25, 2008 | Weddings

I’m finally back home after several weeks of jet-setting around the US! It’s great to be back, although I do miss that Hawaiian sunshine … and those Las Vegas party nights! There’s no rest for the wicked though – less than 48 hours after returning home I photographed Sarah and Chris’ wedding at the DAR Rainier Chapter House on Capitol Hill (and it was just like being back in Vegas – those kids can party!)

I started off the day by surprising Sarah and her bridesmaids with an extra little photoshoot at Babalouise salon in Ballard. It’s a fun and funky place (their logo is a monkey!) and they had an adorable little doggy running around too (she didn’t seem too impressed with my big lenses though). I met with the girls again a few hours later when they arrived at the DAR to get ready, and we took full advantage of all the cute fixtures and fittings around the building. I especially loved the antique lamp in the ladies’ room where the girls were getting ready – the black and white photos of Sarah on the couch were taken using just that lamp for light.

The guys arrived early for their group portraits, so there was plenty of time for group shots and candids before the ceremony … and even the ceremony started a little ahead of schedule! It really does make a difference working with a wedding coordinator – or two, in this case: Lily and Jennell of Luminous Event Design were fantastic to work with, thank you ladies!

After the ceremony, Sarah, Chris and I headed over to Volunteer Park for some couple portraits, driven by our fabulous chauffeur, my assistant Kelly. There was another wedding going on there, and I felt a little bad about hogging the Black Sun sculpture, but it was almost sun down and we were running out of light! The other couple didn’t seem to mind though – and they even presented Chis and Sarah with glasses of pink bubbly, very cute.

Then it was back to the reception for some great food, fun speeches and a lot of drinking (them, not me, I should add!) The upstairs at the DAR was gorgeous – Lily handmade the decorations and designed all of the gorgeous stationery to match their purple and orange color scheme. At the end of the evening, we headed outside for some final couple portraits – Sarah loved the ones I took at Kipper and Andrew’s wedding at the DAR in January.

Have a great honeymoon guys, and thanks for a super fun night!


  1. Love the shot of the dangling feet and the groom tipping the bride outside the door. Glad you are back home…bet you enjoyed your many trips. Best wishes.

    Nate Naismith

  2. Beautiful pictures! Absolutely stunning. I’d like that closeup of the tulip bouquet for my wall! The dress in the doorway is so unique and striking. Great work.

  3. Wow, that final picture of the bride and groom at sunset is incredible! I also love the bridesmaids’ feet dangling off the wall…very cool. Good job, Kate!

  4. And you were having doubts about the shoot. *rolls eyes* Silly you! 😉

  5. These images are great, I love the emotions they capture, with the use of composition and color!

  6. I adore their location for the ceremony! How gorgeous and unique! I totally LOVE the dangling bridesmaids feet!! Great capture! Such an awesome shoot!

  7. Thank you!
    You made a beautiful day for us even better in the memories.
    If you ever need a testimonial, refer them to me. Kate.

  8. Great photos. Wish I could have been there for my cousin’s special day, but seeing the photos made me feel as if I had been.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations and best wishes!


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