Engaged in Seattle: Amanda & Tieming

Nov 16, 2007 | Engagements

My first of two engagement sessions last Sunday was with Amanda and Tieming. We met up at Kerry Park, just a few minutes’ walk from their home on Queen Anne, and were greeted by a horribly cold and windy morning. The sky was true Seattle winter: gray, murky, cloudy and dull. It didn’t look promising. But Amanda and Tieming must be professional Seattleites – they arrived bright and cheery and so full of energy that the miserable weather suddenly seemed unimportant.

We took a few shots at Kerry Park overlooking downtown and the Seattle Center, then we bundled into my warm little car and headed to the end of the road for the view over the Sound. The sky was so gray that it pretty much blended into the ocean; it was a relief knowing that our next destination would have some color!

We drove down to Pike Place and had a wander through the market area. First some shots at my favorite green wall, then down the staircase to Post Alley. I think my favorite shots from the day took place here: the silhouetted figures in the tiny alley, the photos against the bubblegum wall, and the engagement photo/beer promotion in front of the garage door (I couldn’t resist – Pike Brewery puts out some of my favorite local ales!) We finished with a few more shots around the market and at the little park nearby, and finally with a photo of Amanda’s gorgeous ring, using her bright blue scarf as the backdrop.

I’m super excited to be photographing Amanda and Tieming’s wedding next October at Ray’s Boathouse (yum!) and to getting to know them better over the next eleven months.


  1. I love these pictures!!! You are soo talented!

  2. My name is also Tieming. I like your pictures. It’s a cheerful time for eyes to look at your pictures.


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