Love in the Rain: Johanna & David

Jul 6, 2007 | Weddings

There are few things worse on your wedding day than seeing the sky fill up with dark clouds and the wind begin to pick up. But in Seattle, it happens – probably more than we’d care to imagine. I was shooting the wedding of David and Johanna with the awesome Fred Soo last weekend – yes, the same weekend as all those boudoir shoots! – when just that happened. They put on brave faces and began the ceremony outside, but after five minutes of torrential rain, someone decided to call it a day and we moved back inside.

You’d expect, perhaps, that this killed the ceremony – but in fact I felt that it really added something. The cosiness of everyone huddling under the sea of umbrellas, the joyous laughter-filled walk back to the buildings under the huppa, the sense of warmth and relief as the ceremony resumed under a canopy of glass … It was during these moments that I found my favorite images, and it will certainly be a ceremony to be remembered.

I hope to share more over the next week or two; for now, a photo of the bridal party, making their way from the wet ceremony to the dry, under the huppa.

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  1. I’m going to cry this is so beautiful. Mazel Tov!

    You have a gift, Kate. I was drawn to your wedding photo on the “everybody” slot on flickr’s home page, and I haven’t opened up one of those in MONTHS. It was so wonderful that I had to keep looking at your work. You have a gift for making stunningly HUMAN photographs that are beautiful and revealing and spontaneous and polished all at once. “Spontaneity is the essence of soul,” Albert North Whitehead.

    I have made some wonderful flickr friends in London, the British sense of humor is right down my line even though I’m, by heritage, an East European Jew. I absolutely love the above picture!

    I tried to subscribe to your “feed” but all I get is the code. Will try again.



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