Couples Shoot: First Photo

Jun 28, 2007 | Boudoir

As well as the six fabulous ladies I photographed during last weekend’s boudoir marathon, I also got to shoot my first ever couple boudoir session! It was pretty different to photographing the girls – instead of directing them, I let them get comfortable with each other, and get into positions that felt natural. I then did a little directing for the details such as hand position, gaze and so on. I shot non-stop for just under an hour – they had a wedding reception to get back to! – and I’m so pleased with how the shots turned out. I felt we were really capturing the essence of their relationship in the images, something which can be very tough to do in such a staged situation.

As I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from this teaser photo, they were a wonderful couple to work with. They are so very much in love, really comfortable with each other, and great fun too! Thanks, guys, for letting me share the first of your images.


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