I’m Exhibiting!

May 11, 2007 | Personal

I’m currently exhibiting three pieces from a series of 11 self-portraits at Gene Juarez, downtown Seattle. They’re black and white fiber prints, and it’s really nice that after putting in so much work they’re out there for the world to see (naked butt and all, might I add!)

The idea behind the series was to explore a woman’s time on her own – and the various moods and states that she finds herself in. I also wanted to utilize the idea of creating art through obstructions (the idea came from the movie The Five Obstructions by Lars von Trier and Jorgen Leth – which I highly recommend as a piece of art and humorous documentary rather than a straightforward movie). My five obstructions were: (1) use all manual settings; (2) obtain no help from outside (for example with focusing); (3) use only a 50mm lens; (4) shoot indoors; (5) use natural light.

Anyway, here are the three images currently on display:



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