Boudoir in the Studio: Cara

May 10, 2007 | Boudoir

I recently had a fun shoot with Cara, a very cute and awesomely fun 20-something. She wanted some boudoir-style shots to give her boyfriend Chris, but as it was for their first anniversary (dating) she didn’t want anything too serious, nor anything too obviously sexy. Cara brought in a bottle of wine – something that I highly recommend to relax you if it’s your first time, although red wine is not a good choice for most

[think of the stains on your teeth!]

I shot the entire session in color – as usual – but after converting a few images to black and white using Photoshop CS3’s fantastic new black and white conversion tools, I decided that they looked even better like that. I can’t share many here as they’re a bit too revealing, but here are a couple she’s happy to share with the world wide web:

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