bride & groom on beach at Dune at Wychmere Beach Club for their wedding photos

Dune at Wychmere Beach Club Wedding Photos: Bridget & Mike

Aug 25, 2023 | Cape Cod Weddings, Church Weddings, Weddings

I was so excited for my first wedding at Dune at Wychmere Beach Club! This beautiful event space on Cape Cod opened recently and it’s absolutely stunning. Dune at Wychmere is right on the sea, with views out to Nantucket Sound from both floors, as well as views of the beautiful sand dunes to the west.

The entire space is filled with light, making it a photographer’s dream. I love the soft neutral palette of the main event space on the second floor, and the rooftop terrace where cocktail hour is held is spectacular! I hope this will be the first of many Dune at Wychmere weddings for me.

I started my day with Bridget and the girls at her parents’ home in Orleans; my second photographer Jeremy was with the guys a couple streets over – this couple met during Covid through their families who all already knew each other, and their blossoming romance became the neighborhood entertainment during Covid’s early days, with their sweet walks being observed through many windows, and phone calls back and forth between the two families and their neighbors. What an amazing story to tell their kids one day!

Bridget got ready surrounded not only by her bridesmaids but also with both moms, and her childhood friends who she invited to join. This couple’s moto is ‘family first’ and they definitely extended that to include their chosen family which was so sweet.

Some favorite moments from the getting ready included Bridget’s thoughtful gifts for the two moms and her dad, and her dad’s fantastic reaction to seeing her dressed for the first time. I love that he cried!

The ceremony took place at St Christopher’s Church in Chatham, and was the fastest catholic ceremony I’ve ever experienced! A few short readings, vows, ring exchange and … done! Which left plenty of time for travel to the Overlook for the group portraits.

I took the majority of the group photos in the shade as the sun was so bright which means squinting and heavy shadows under the eyes if you’re in bright sunlight, but of course I had to get some with the spectacular view, too. It’s always funny trying to explain why I’m using the “boring” background for photos when there’s an amazing scenic view right there, but I want the group photos to be as flattering as possible – especially when there are lots of blue-eyed people who are especially prone to squinting in bright sunlight (it’s a thing!)

On arrival at the wedding reception at Dune at Wychmere Beach Club, we took a few photos in the lovely hydrangea garden, then I covered the room details while Jeremy documented cocktail hour on the roof deck. Then, we grabbed a few final beach portraits while guests filed in for dinner. Thank you to their fantastic wedding planner, Jamie Bohlin at Cape Cod Celebrations for suggesting this – and for being so awesome to work with (as usual!)

Some favorite reception moments included the buoyant entrances (fist pumps everywhere!) and the toasts. I always love when the toast-givers are next to the couple as it allows for the best compositions, with the “action” and the “reaction” in the same frame (a nerdy photographer’s thing). The absolute highlight of the toasts (and there were so many great moments) was Bridget’s father singing to her at the end of his. There was not a dry eye in the house! Another special moment was Mike dancing with his grandma mid way through dinner.

I finished up the evening with some dancing photos – as I had guessed, this was a serious party crowd!

I can’t wait to retun to Dune at Wychmere Beach Club for future weddings – please reach out if you’d like me to photograph your wedding there.



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