stylish wedding photography groomsmen portrait of wedding party by boston wedding photographer kate mcelwee

World’s Best Wedding Photos 2022 Award!

Dec 30, 2022 | Awards, Personal, Weddings

I am thrilled to share that World’s Best Wedding Photos has chosen one of my photos as an award winner in their 2022 Best Wedding Photos awards!

This photo of Connor and his groomsmen was taken in downtown Boston in an office building. We had actually already finished the group photos when I spotted this seating by the entrance but I knew that I had to use it for a cool portrait of the guys. The sleek and high contrast wood, leather, and white wall above were the perfect mirror of the guys’ sleek attire, and the seating provided a natural conversation area for the groomsmen while also elevating Connor. I played further with the contrast in this scene by asking the guys to chat and laugh while Connor looked right at the camera with a more serious look.

I loved this photo at the time, and I’m so excited that it now has worldwide recognition! It’s also a great reminder to follow my gut and ask my clients to trust my vision, even when we are literally running out of the door to the next part of the wedding.

modern portrait photo of groomsmen wins worlds best wedding photographers award for Kate McElwee


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