couple at their ICA Boston wedding standing under art installation

ICA Boston Wedding Photos: Rebeca & Sergio

Aug 1, 2022 | City Weddings, Weddings

Rebeca & Sergio recently celebrated their marriage with friends and family at the ICA Boston and it was a day filled with so much love, and laughter, and color. These two are super smart, very entertaining, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. It was an absolute joy to document their celebration!

I absolutely loved their unique style. Rebeca’s dress has an amazing back story involving two visits to Rome during the 18 months prior to the wedding – yes, during a global pandemic (I can’t imagine the stress of this!) It was designed and made by the wonderful Glen Couture. Her shoes were also so cool – they are pencils! Just the kind of delightfully slightly-nerdy style I am all about. 🤩

The ICA Boston offers beautiful contemporary event spaces located on the scenic Boston Harbor. The venue has breathtaking views of the harbor and city skyline, making it a stunning location for a wedding. Additionally, the museum’s modern architecture and sleek design provide a unique and sophisticated backdrop for both the portraits and the reception. How those clean lines and amazing art installations make my heart sing!

I was especially enamored with the amazing Eva LeWitt installation on the Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall in the museum’s entrance.  It’s such a great fit for Sergio & Rebeca’s unique and colorful wedding style.

“Untitled (Mesh Circles)” consists of a series of translucent plastic circles suspended from a metal frame, arranged in a circular formation. The circles are made from industrial mesh fabric, which allows light to pass through them and creates a delicate and ethereal effect.


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