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Wychmere Beach Club Wedding Photos Sneak Peek: Kadie & Allen

Aug 26, 2016 | Cape Cod Weddings, Sneak Peek, Weddings on the Water

Wychmere Beach Club wedding photos: Kadie and Allen’s gorgeous wedding at this Cape Cod venue was filled with bucket loads of romance, happy tears, and excited cheers!

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My fourth Wychmere Beach Club wedding was gorgeous and emotionally charged from beginning to end, and Kadie and Allen were an absolute delight to work with.

I started my day with the girls in their multiple rooms at Wychmere. Hair and makeup were underway in one space, with a second room devoted to dressing, letter writing, and snacking. I love that Kadie involved both moms in the getting ready process, and she was such a thoughtful and sweet bride. We all adored her!

My second shooter Jeremy spent a little time with the guys, and I loved seeing the photos of this animated bunch having a great time getting ready together at Wychmere Cottage next door.

Kadie and Allen gave each other amazing gifts; Kadie gave Allen a poster printed with a note from each and every day from the proposal to the wedding – it was pretty amazing! Allen gave Kadie a beautiful necklace and sweet note, but my favorite part of his gift was a slideshow of memories which had not just Kadie but ALL of the girls absolutely bawling their eyes out right before the ceremony!

Wychmere Beach Club weddings can take place in a number of spots, and this laid back couple chose the lawn overlooking the ocean. The sun was harsh, but emotions were high, and I have never seen a couple quite so excited to be pronounced husband and wife! I LOVE Kadie’s expression in the photo above!

After the ceremony, Kadie and Allen jumped on a beautiful sail boat and made a dramatic entrance to cocktail hour which was taking place on the dock. Dinner was filled with wonderful toasts and we snuck out for some beautiful beach portraits right at sunset – always my favorite time for couples photos.

Thank you Kadie and Allen for an amazing day; I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks! And thanks to Brighter Lights Media who were so much fun to work with, and to my second shooter Jeremy. I loved working with you all to create some of my favorite ever Wychmere Beach Club wedding photos.


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