destination wedding photo of funny moment where champagne is spilled over bride

Two Award Winning Images in the 2015 Q4 WPJA Contest

Jun 10, 2016 | Awards, News, Personal

award winning destination wedding photo fluid
award winning cake detail photo at the boston public library

I was thrilled to place two more images in the WPJA quarterly contest, both in new categories. The first category, “fluid”, was a little mind-boggling to me … until I realized I had a fantastic moment captured from the Ravello, Italy wedding that I photographed with my friend Mike last summer. This imperfect photo was a really lucky catch – I turned around just in time to see a server spill a full glass of Champagne down the front of the bride’s dress – the expressions on all three subjects are priceless! And despite what the expressions here suggest, the bride was actually really cool about it, and was laughing moments later. I think she was just in shock in the moment!

The second image is a cake detail photo from an amazing wedding at the Boston Public Library, one of my all time favorite venues. I love the symmetry of the Bates Hall reception room, and getting down low to shoot the cake while including much of the room scored me a winning image in the “Symmetry” category.

Of course this is all old news now – the results from this contest came out a couple of months ago while I was on vacation – but I wanted to share these latest award winning images here, and thank my couples once again for allowing me the freedom to shoot photos that interest and excite me. I’m thrilled to once again be considered an international award winning photographer; these contests are getting harder and harder each quarter and it keeps me striving to be the very best wedding photographer in Boston. Thank you to the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) for highlighting the best of documentary wedding photography each year. I’m proud to be a part of this organization and I’ll keep pushing to create more winning photos this season.


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