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Langham Hotel Boston Winter Wedding Slideshow: Ping + Stu

Feb 14, 2015 | Slideshows

Two weeks ago, I photographed my first Langham Hotel Boston wedding, an emotional, exhilarating, and super fun winter wonderland of a wedding spread over two days. The slideshow here is a little teaser from Saturday’s festivities: the Langham Hotel western wedding day.

My crush on Ping and Stu started with the very first email that Stu sent me when they were inquiring about my availability. Both Stu and Ping work in cancer care at Novartis … they wanted to blend their English and Chinese heritages into a very fun weekend for their guests … and in answer to the question, “tell me three things that make you happy”, Stu responded, “each other (is that two?!), and our dogs”. We met later that week and my regular 45 minute client meeting quickly turned into several hours of excited chatter – I was pretty thrilled to find out that Stu knew the tiny town in countryside England where I grew up; his grandparents had lived there!

I started my coverage at The Art of Shaving on Newbury St where Stu and his brothers and best friends were enjoying a wet shave and lots of laughs. These guys went out of their way to look after me over the course of the weekend – Ping’s family too – and it was one of the things that made this wedding so special for me. After capturing some photos of Stu, and some photos of a random stranger getting shaved (yes, I really did that, to everyone’s amusement), I headed over to Ping’s suite at the Langham where hair and makeup were in full swing. I also grabbed a few detail shots, including the incredibly sweet handmade “Ping Bailey” hanger that one of her bridesmaids had made for her.

If you have a winter wedding in Boston, you can expect to be a little cold during portraits, but none of us were expecting the arctic conditions we had that day. With windchill, the temperature was hovering around zero (Fahrenheit) which would be a shock to the system for anyone, but especially for the poor Brits who rarely experience anything colder than freezing. Ping and Stu were my heroes. They decided to go ahead with the outdoor first look and portraits, and Ping wowed me by insisting on getting a good number of photos wearing just her wedding dress. She doesn’t even look cold in the photos!

The ceremony, held in the Wyeth Room at the Langham, was very much English in flavor; it was performed by one of their friends, and included a hymn (which offered the perfect opportunity to sneak around and get some great close-up photos of Ping and Stu). My favorite moments actually came right after the ceremony, when friends and family surrounded Ping and Stu and showered them with confetti.

The reception was the perfect mix of emotional and hilarious, with great, heartfelt toasts and sweet first dances. I have to give a special shout-out here to Ping’s brothers who provided all the flowers and decor for the event – they did an absolutely spectacular job! The family business is Fivefork Farms and they have an amazing Flower CSA, as well as offering event floral design. They were a joy to work with and will be added to my recommended vendor list at the next update! Finally, a huge thank you to my second shooter Ned Jackson who did a phenomenal job capturing the ceremony and reception alongside me.


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