Winter Wedding at Alden Castle Slideshow: Katie + Andrew

Dec 24, 2014 | Slideshows

Katie and Andrew’s winter wedding at Alden Castle in Brookline, MA was the perfect way to end an amazing year – emotionally charged, beautiful, and with the sweetest, most welcoming families I’ve worked with.  Some of the day’s highlights included Katie’s adorable first look with her dad, in her parents’ bedroom at home; Katie’s amazing expressions throughout the day (most of which communicated pure joy); Andrew’s face as Katie took her first steps down the aisle (and his mom’s expression watching her son); the fantastic priest who allowed great access (and catching my awesome second shooter Kari Herer photographing from way up above the altar after discovering the secret balcony right before the ceremony began).

From the reception: Andrew and Katie’s beautifully choreographed first dance (I’m so glad I managed to capture the final dip from up high in the ballroom at Alden Castle); the wonderful speeches and watching the love for Katie and Andrew fill the room as their guests laughed and sighed and smiled along; the most expressive parent dances I’ve seen this year (you guys laugh and smile so much, and it makes me so happy!); the fun filled party on the dance floor to end the night.

Katie and Andrew: thank you both so much for trusting me to document your wedding, for being so willing to run around the Arnold Arboretum for portraits in the freezing cold, just hours before your flight, and for the huge welcome and generosity shown by your friends and families.  I can’t wait to share the full set with you in a week or so!


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