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Liz and Tim have the patience of saints; they’ve been waiting almost three weeks for their teaser blog post, and I haven’t heard a peep from them. But then, I already knew that they were awesome. Liz was sister number two from my marathon wedding weekend down on the Cape a few weeks ago. I never accept double headers, as I feel it’s really important to be fully refreshed before each wedding, however this was a very special weekend, and despite the exhaustion that came after I finally put my camera down that night and sank into the couch with a bottle of wine and some very non-diet food, I am so incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to fully share in this amazing family’s beautiful and emotional weekend.

Liz and Tim met through an online dating site (us too! When it definitely wasn’t cool like it is now!) and their relationship moved quickly … when you know, you know. In the relatively short time that they’ve known each other, they’ve been through some pretty intense stress, including a major move from Nantucket to Central Mass – just a week or so before the wedding! I didn’t have an opportunity to meet them before the wedding weekend but as soon as we first made contact I knew I’d quickly fall for them. They are open, sweet, funny – and so incredibly loving. People I would be absolutely honored to consider friends.

I started my Sunday back at (super)mom Janet’s home, in a different bedroom (these guys went to some serious lengths to create a very different day for each girl). I’m loving Liz’s palette of soft pink and gray – and her dress that has pockets (all dresses should have pockets, in my opinion).

There was some serious emotion in that room as Liz was dressing – love these:

Tim was getting ready in the house next door, with his son Fin and the guys. Little moments like these make my heart happy …

Tim reading a note from Liz – they both joked that she’s “not really the sentimental type” – but she pulled out something pretty special here.

back with the girls, and a sweet moment between Liz and her daughter, Isabella:

Tim had also written to Liz – and he gave her a beautiful family heirloom too:

There was some pretty intense weather all weekend; after blistering heat on Saturday, we woke to heavy rainfall on Sunday. Right before the ceremony was due to begin, someone came upstairs to see if Liz wanted the ceremony moved into the tent. I was delighted when she looked up with an expression that indicated that she thought such a thing would be crazy, and said, simply, “no”.

I love how these two look at each other …

Thanks to Erica for this great shot from the balcony:

At the end of the ceremony, Tim and Liz invited their kids up to plant a tree together as a family. I love this! I’d never seen it before, and I love the representation of new life and new growth, together as a family.

After the ceremony, we headed over the street to take some portraits; while we were waiting I noticed Tim giving Fin an old coin:

These guys were awesome. This little series still cracks me up:

The guest favors were jars filled with the ingredients for making chocolate chip cookies, with the recipe attached with a pretty ribbon. Thanks Erica for this great detail shot – and to Liz and Tim for including us in their favors!

Some sweet first dance photos:

“Dinner” was actually brunch (the ceremony was at 11am) – and what a brunch it was! I’m not usually that into breakfast (I know, I’m weird) but the food was spectacular … sausages, bacon, quiche, the best French toast I’ve ever tasted, and pastries galore. I need to start doing more morning weddings … yum! After brunch, we had a break in the rain, and Liz’s dad Tom kindly took us on a little boat tour. We dropped Liz and Tim off at a sand bar and took some photos from the boat.

It was such a lovely, relaxed afternoon of drinking and chatting:

One of my favorite ever father-daughter dance photos – Tom, you kill me! I totally choked up at this point too!

At the end of the afternoon, we headed over to a nearby park for some more “woodsy” portraits. Despite having lived together on Nantucket, Tim and Liz aren’t “beach” people – so we felt it was only right to take some photos in their preferred environment.

And one last favorite from the day to end with. Thank you Liz and Tim, Katie and Topher, Janet and Tom, Adam, Mike, and all of your amazing family and friends, for sharing such an intense and special weekend with me. I look forward to our friendship ahead – I already miss you all dearly. Please keep in touch!


  1. great shots, as always, kate! what a lovely couple and ceremony. thank you for sharing!

  2. So perfect! All of them! <3 There is a lot of love in these photos!! Kate you are amazing!

  3. So blessed to have had Kate photograph our son’s wedding <3

  4. Worked with Liz for only a short time and she holds a special place in my heart. Love seeing these photos! So happy for them!

  5. these pics are beautiful! so sad I couldnt be there, but i will celebrate in all your beautiful photos!

  6. Wow, this was a wonderful share! Had to wipe my eyes at the end…..

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! We are so happy for both of you. It was a lovely day. Thank you for sharing it with us:)

  8. wow! you have captured some amazing moments! priceless!

  9. What a gift you have, Kate. In these photos alone, you have captured our spirit. From smiles to tears and then immediately into laughter, you got it. The kids, parents, the (rambunctious) wedding party, and most especially Liz and Tim, you caught it all. All of us emotional saps thank you! I too, look forward to our continuing friendship; we truly do love you!

  10. Great job my friend!

  11. She really is fantastic, what wonderful pictures of both the girls weddings!

  12. WOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! what amazing photos, you made me cry so lovely such joy and happiness. wonderful!!! liz so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love to you all!!


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