Jul 24, 2012 | Engagements

I met with Sonja and Daniel early in December last year, to chat about me photographing their wedding. As we were arranging to meet, the coolest thing happened: we discovered we were neighbors. Not kinda-close-in-the-neighborhood neighbors, but actual neighbors. Their apartment has a good view over our back yard in fact! So I was somewhat nervous before meeting – if they booked someone else, there was definitely the potential for a little awkwardness if we saw each other in the street after; plus, chances were good that they’d seen me taking out the dogs in my PJs with my hair sticking straight up in the air. To our surprise, we didn’t recognize each other at all (how is that possible when you live right next door to someone?!) and they were super awesome: smart, funny, very cute, and just really fantastic people to have in your life. I told my husband after our meeting that I’d probably cry if they didn’t book me to photograph their wedding; luckily they did. 🙂

We met up for their engagement session nearly two weeks ago (thanks for your amazing patience, guys!) and started out at beautiful Larz Anderson Park in Brookline.

We had some beautiful weather and amazing light to work with:

Love this one with the old school house at Larz Anderson:

After touring the park, we headed back to our home ‘hood of JP. Sonja loves bright murals and graffiti, so we went on a little mission to find some. I really like this spot next to our favorite pub, The Haven:

We also took some photos around the Sam Adams brewery:

And of course we had to take a couple of shots on the steps of their home!

Thank you both for such a fun afternoon, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the teaser photos! There are lots more photos coming your way very soon!


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