May 16, 2012 | Photobooth, Products, Weddings

I’ve been offering a photobooth at weddings since my fourth ever wedding back in 2007, and it’s always been super popular with guests.  Who knew that people loved to don silly masks, and glasses, and headgear, and strike crazy poses in front of a camera?!  🙂  Well, I’ve updated my photobooth for my 2012 weddings and I’m excited to share the new look!

The new photobooth features a white background for a cool, clean look, as well as props galore.  It is free-standing and open-air – meaning it can accommodate much larger groups than a traditional boxy booth.  If you’d like to add one to your wedding collection, just make sure that your venue has enough space; it requires an indoor space roughly 12 feet square (we can work in slightly smaller spaces too) and works best against a wall or in a corner.  It’s also great to have a table on-hand to display the props, but again we can work around this.  The setup is simple – a studio light plugged into the wall, with a large umbrella to create soft, flattering light, and the background which is held up by two large stands.

The photobooth currently costs $750 plus tax per hour, and includes the high-res, edited images.  We aren’t able to print on-site, however we can offer a quicker turnaround on photobooth photos if you need them for thank you cards and so on.  And now for the special!  If you’d like to add a photobooth to your wedding collection, and can pay in full by the end of this month (May 2012), you can add it on for just $500 plus tax.  Woo-hoo!

And now for what you really wanted to see … some photos, right?  Well, I was all alone when I was testing out the new setup, but I still managed to have some fun with it.  Yes, this is yours truly, goofing off.  Enjoy!


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