Mar 14, 2012 | Engagements

When I met Kim and Edric to talk about photographing their wedding, I immediately knew they were an awesome couple … they’re smart, super fun, a little bit geeky, and totally hilarious. They also love good food, fine beverages and they were super cool about my doggie slobbering and shedding all over them. 🙂 It was therefore pretty devastating that when we met up for their engagement photos a few weeks ago, I managed to trip over a bump in the sidewalk and totally mangled my two lens filters and also my knee, putting both myself and the cameras out of action. Still, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and when we met up this weekend for the second attempt, things couldn’t have been better … as well as gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures, their favorite pub opened just in time for the start of the session. Happy days! We started out at The Publick House in Brookline, then wandered around their neighborhood, then made a quick tour of the North End, and ended at Larz Anderson park, back in Brookline. I hope you enjoy the images that we made!

These guys spend a lot of time listening to music together … and singing and dancing. 🙂

We spotted this super weird and funky canvas printed wall in the North End … I couldn’t resist a couple of photos with it.

I don’t usually previsualize engagement photos, but I’d spotted this scene a little while ago while playing with Porter at Larz Anderson park … it was really cool being able to come back with Edric and Kim and make a really fun photo there. Thank you guys for trusting me, and for being so sweet about my ridiculous face plant a couple of weeks ago!!


  1. Such great photos Kate. And what a fun couple!

  2. All the shots are great but that last shot is just fantastic! Awesome capture. Regards, Bob.


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